The Canadian Joint Grievance Panel

The Canadian Joint Grievance Panel Inc. is a mutually agreed upon alternative to traditional arbitration. Established in 1998, this process is recognized by the Canada Industrial Relations Board and provincial boards across Canada. This expedited arbitration procedure offers parties a “Panel of Peers” process to resolve grievances without involving lawyers and case law. The CJGP is not intended to replace your existing grievance/arbitration procedures.

The Canadian Joint Grievance Panel offers many benefits to employers and unions. This process decreases friction between locals and employers because grievance matters can be resolved quickly and in a final and binding manner. Since the outcome cannot be used as a precedent in future cases, the grievance can be dealt with and forgotten. Many unions and employers from coast to coast have now included the CJGP as an alternative in the grievance/arbitration article in their collective agreements.

Industry Leaders Utilizing The CJGP Process

Companies and Unions Utilizing the CJGP
"Let me say, that as was my experience in the past, once again I found the CJGP process to be a first-class mechanism for the resolution of disputes between employers and unions, unrivalled in its efficiency and expediency. I would be pleased to participate in such CJGP Schedule 2 hearings as may be scheduled in the future."

-Thomas Kuttner, QC